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BlueJeans Events

Driving customer satisfaction with UX improvements and new interactive features.

BlueJeans is an enterprise video conferencing platform with four product offerings - Meetings, Events, Rooms and Command Center. BlueJeans Events is a webinar product that I led in transforming from a product to a platform. Some of the featured projects are mentioned below.


BlueJeans Registrations: Transforming Events into a platform from a product

How customer interviews helped us identify new usecases and create solutions that simplified their workflows.


Making events interactive

Moderated Q&A.png

A common feedback from attendees & panelists (presenters & moderators) was lack of ability to interact with each other. Participants used chat to post question and get feedback but questions & their answers would get lost in the chats.


Based on the feedback from users (attendees and panelists) an asynchronous interaction model was selected for it's less disruptive experience.

Benefits of selecting Q&A,

  • Attendees can post questions asynchronously

  • Other attendees can upvote questions they like

  • Popular questions have higher probability for getting answered

For panelists we also created Polls,

  • Live polls can give instant feedback and pulse of the audience

  • Less disruptive than surveys

~46% events

consisted at least one poll.

~12 questions/event

Average number of questions posted by attendees per event.


increase in customer satisfaction/NPS.

Cross product applications

Polls and Q&A were built as independent applications running inside Events as plugins. As a result, these applications were later plugged into Meetings platform.


Helping moderators & presenters to run events successfully with checklists


Due to poor feed of audio/video/presentation or some disruptions from some presenters during webinars, attendee experience took a hit. This lead to lowering of NPS ratings.

Success of webinars are highly dependent on a few important factors how webinars are conducted and how presenters

We received feedback from attendees about poor experience of audio, video or presentation during events.


Interviewed internal & external end users to understand needs from the different perspectives of a presenter & an attendee.

Based on the requirements, asynchronous interaction was chosen as it is less disruptive.

Out of many ideas, Q&A was selected for a few reasons,

  • Attendees can post questions asynchronously

  • Other attendees can upvote questions they like

  • Popular questions have higher probability for getting answered

For presenters, Polls was selected for the following reasons,

  • Live polls can give a pulse of the audience

  • Less disruptive action than surveys

~67% complaints dropped

related to disruptions during events after the feature released.

NPS up + 6 pts 

Overall customer satisfaction or NPS increased by +6 pts.


Creating an embed player for BlueJeans Events


Creating a customizable embedded player experience of Events.

Created two layouts for designs. A/B tested the designs to select the final split screen layout.

The customization options break down into 3 sections: Pre-event, During event and Post event.

As the user customized each of these, the preview will display all the customizations in real time.

User can customize the event experience as well as preview it.

Pre Event - Custom branding of waiting screen & UI controls, custom color scheme & music, access control of users and copy.

During Event - Custom branding & controls, custom color scheme, on screen UI elements.

Post Event - Copy & custom branding, exit music controls.


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